The Best Place To Put Your Slushie Machine!

Must-haves to leave a slushie machine with you safely.
  1. The slushie machine/s needs to sit on a strong, sturdy table (STRICTLY NO GLASS TOP OR PLASTIC TRESTLE TABLES) When filled machine weighs over 80kg.

  2. Slushie machine/s also need to be NEAR A POWER POINT.

  3. Machine/s must be UNDERCOVER and out of all the elements of the weather.

  4. Machine/s need to be placed on HARD FIRM and EVEN GROUND.

    NOTE: If the machine/s is to go onto a grassed area you will need to provide a solid table with legs that won’t sink into the ground. (STRICTLY NO GLASS TOP OR PLASTIC TRESTLE TABLES).

  5. If the machine/s are going to be placed in a MARQUEE, we will need to be notified in advance, so the machine is delivered after the marquee is up. We also need to be informed of the time the MARQUEE is coming down, so the machine/s are collected prior and not left without a shelter.
Mr Slushy Machine

Mr Slushy only supplies GBG commercial-grade slushie machines.

They weight: 55 Kg
Dimensions: 400 W 820 H 480D mm
Power Rating: 1000 Watts; 10 Amp.

Frozen Cocktail Strawberry Daiquiri
Frozen Cocktails Perth
Margarita Mr Slushy
Frozen Cocktails Perth
Frozen Cocktails Perth

How long does the mix take to turn to shush?

It takes approximately 1.5 HOURS to turn your mix into slush, provided it is not a very hot day.

If the weather forecast is for a hot day we STRONGLY RECOMMEND the slush machine/s to be set up indoors.

If the slush machine/s are set up outdoors they need to be placed UNDERCOVER and NOT EXPOSED to DIRECT SUNLIGHT.

Hot weather not only prevents the slush machine/s from working at optimum level but it can also melt the plastic lids. (Which are not cheap and replacement will be at the cost of the Hiree).

Refills only take half the time to get to a slushie mix once the machine runs!