Welcome to the Coolest Slushie Machine Hire Perth has to offer!

Slushie, slushee or slushy… however you spell it, they are very popular and are a sure hit with adults & children of all ages.

Established in 2009, Mr Slushy is a local slushie machine hire Perth company. For over 10 years, we have been providing quality slushies for private parties and corporate events. One of our greatest enjoys is being able to help you celebrate milestone events in your life.

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Mr Slushy specialises in making every party or event one to remember.

Our machines are simple and easy to use.

We deliver, set up, and show you how to operate the slushie machine.
Then once the party’s over we clean & collect the machine.

It’s that simple!

Mr Slushy has been providing quality slushies and frozen cocktails for a wide range of parties and functions including private and corporate events.

We absolutely guarantee your satisfaction, so if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Whether it’s a private party, a public event, or celebrating a milestone event in your life.
Mr Slushy delivers amazing slushies and frozen cocktails for any occasion.


Planning on hosting a children’s party, and would like to try something different and exciting to entertain the kids?

Warning: Kids’ Parties come alive with slushies on tap!


Not just for the little kids, frozen slushie cocktails are a popular choice when it comes to entertaining the older children too.

Guaranteed: You’ll catch even the manliest man, with a slushie in his hand.

Call Mr Slushy on 1300 861 001 for a stress-free slushie machine hire Perth service.

Did You Know?

The idea for a slushed ice drink started in the late 1950s when Omar Knedlik’s soda machine broke down and he began placing the bottles of soda in the freezer to keep them cold.

Did You Know?

The first slushie machine was made from a car air conditioning unit which worked by combining and freezing water, carbon dioxide, and a flavour mix.